As an integrated financial services firm offering a wide range of services, we at Synergetic Finance feel it is important to put our principles in writing to guide our work and to make that work transparent to our clients. We operate under these four primary tenets:

Independence – We are an unbiased third party that can provide you with an objective look at your business – or one you are trying to buy – without inherent conflicts of interest. Our goals are your goals.

Relationship Management – At Synergetic Finance, we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. By really getting to know our clients, we can better understand their financial goals, and we are better positioned to help them to achieve those goals.

Proven Expertise – Our highly-trained staff is at your disposal to provide you with direction and guidance in those areas of expertise that you most need including wealth management, business consultation, business valuation and mergers and acquisitions. No situation is too complex for the Synergetic Finance team.

Perspective – For more than a decade, we have provided financial services for clients in a variety of different scenarios and through a wide range of market conditions. Our track record continuously proves that our advice is prudent and prepares our clients for long-term financial success.

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To your success,

President of Synergetic Finance