The following is an excerpt from “Exit Insight: Getting to Sold!” (pp. 157-158) available on and Merrell Publishing:

Exit Insight: Getting to Sold!The third element contributing substantially to your retirement lifestyle is the money you receive from the sale of your business. Most business owners do not know the true value of their business, heavily overestimating its worth as we have mentioned repeatedly. This is a huge detriment because if you do not know its value, you are unable to calculate whether or not you are due for a dear or a dire retirement.

The after-tax proceeds from the sale of your business are critical to your retirement comfort. Most business owners assume a happy ending, foolishly confident that a buyer will be ready and waiting to purchase the business at the asking price when the day comes. Yet the chances of that happening are remote without preparation and planning. Just as you would dress up your home for curb appeal, fix the leaks, mow the backyard and put flowers on the dining room table, your business may require several years of carefully considered adjustments to prepare it for sale, so it stands out from the flood of other businesses begging to be bought.

Consulting with a master financial planner trained in understanding a variety of ways to strategically synthesize the fiscal tools available to you for reducing taxes, improving your business’s appeal, increasing your portfolio’s value, and providing the most funds for your retirement lifestyle is the most lucrative and sensible investment you can make.

Whether your financial accordion’s bellows need some steady pushing, the tone chamber requires an adjustment, or the reeds have to be replaced with new ones, your master financial planner will make the accordion sing and the hall dance to the tune of your retirement success.

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